Flagpole Installations

Whether you want to get a brand new pole in a brand new location or get rid of an old rusty metal pole and replace it with an Aluminum pole, we can help. There are many many different options to choose from depending on what your final flagpole goal is. If you already know exactly what you are looking for then you can click here to our quote form so that a specialist can contact you to help. If you would like to read about some of the things you should consider before you talk to us or anyone else, feel free to read below according to which customer type you are.

Homeowner considerations.

• What size flagpoles are allowed in your community. Some only allow up to 30
• Are city permits required to put up a flagpole?
• If you are in an HOA do they even allow you to put up a flagpole?
• If you live in extremely high wind areas you may need to consider a thicker flagpole.
Color of the flagpole. Metal, Bronze or White are the most popular.
• Location on your yard for the flagpole. Generally the farther from the street the more expensive the installation.
• If you have a solid Block wall, a wall mount option is possible.
• Do you want to fly the flag 24/7? If so then you will need to make sure you can light the flag at night.

Commercial considerations.

• What size flagpole are you allowed to put up?
• What size flag are you looking to fly? That will determine the length of the pole.
• Wind speed in your area. The combination of height and the size of flag you will be flying is critical in determining the wall thickness needed for the flagpole.
• Location of the pole. Larger poles require more depth, so a spot free of utilities needs to be considered.
• Security options. External rope flagpoles don’t have winches that cause more maintenance but require more to secure the flag from theft.
• If selecting an internal flagpole which offers flag security and a clean look, will you opt for a winch system that can develop mechanical problems over the decades or an internal rope system that requires possible strenuous pulling of the rope to raise and lower the flag? Both systems require a 3-7 lb counterweight to help lower the flag that can be potentially dangerous if not used properly.
• External poles have the advantage of being able to always inspect the complete rope for wear and replace the rope before it completely tears and comes off the top.

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Have Questions? We Have Answers