Truck Replacement

Truck Assemblies

A revolving truck assembly (with a pulley) is necessary to construct a proper flagpole. There are two kinds of truck assembly systems: internal halyard or rope trucks, and external halyard trucks. Today we generally use trucks from aluminum castings. If the truck will be used for a heavy duty application such as a really windy area and they fly a huge flag bronze trucks are still in use as well as stainless steel, but those are for very special circumstances. We work very closely with the manufacturers of the products we use and have even suggested certain design upgrades to make them a little better. We actually use parts from 3 different suppliers to ensure the highest quality products for our customers. Since we have been around for over 40 years we have seen how certain parts do better than others over the years. We do frequent rounds on dozens of school districts so we get to inspect the poles on a regular basis and see how the parts are faring. We’ve replaced enough flagpole truck systems to know which parts are the best, and we have streamlined it for you so you always get the best. Once you fix the pole components you don’t want to have to worry about the parts until the next maintenance inspection, with the exception of ropes and clips, which will wear out sooner but those are easily replaced from the ground. Trucks that revolve in the wind will help reduce wear and tear on your rope and flag. If you are constantly replacing the rope it might be because the truck is not revolving in the wind which causes the rope to rub on the side of the truck instead of lying on the pulley opening like it’s supposed to.

Flagpole Gold Ball Ornaments

We can install balls (gold, silver or other) and eagles onto the truck to compliment your flagpole. The size of the ball is proportionate to the size of your pole. The larger the diameter of the pole, the larger the ball or eagle. We make every effort to install or replace a ball or eagle without replacing a functioning truck. However, there are times when the truck and the ball stem have corroded so severely it cannot be removed (or drilled) and the truck will need to be replaced as well. This can happen to just the truck system as well. If we have to replace the truck but the ball is in decent condition then we will try to save the ball to put on the new truck.

Gold Leaf Balls

Simple, gold leaf balls last for decades. They also don’t reflect the sun back in your eyes. Gold leaf absorbs much of the light so the gold looks really like gold. The gold’s sun absorption creates a luster to your gold ball that gives your Flagpole a totally unique, modern but traditional, sophisticated, highest quality, commanding look that people will admire for no understood reason; other than they know something is special about your Flag and Flagpole setup. The gold leaf ball is key.

Obstruction Flagpole Light

If you have a flagpole, light pole or tower by an airport you most likely have an Obstruction light on top. We can replace the bulbs or the light fixture to the newer LED types so that you’re not constantly having to change the lights when they go out.

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