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California Steeplejack specializes in climbing flagpoles to service your needs, but we climb any structure that may need some kind of unreachable service. We use ropes and climbing gear to ascend up to where we need to be to make repairs. Since 1976 we have been servicing church steeples, (which is where the term “Steeplejack” comes from) flagpoles, towers, light standards and other vertical structures. For 40 years we have been known for our integrity, professionalism, expertise, the quality of our work and our fair pricing.

Great Value

Avoid the time and expense of renting a lift or building scaffolding for some small repair! Need to replace some roof shingles on a very steep roof? No problem. Have an obstruction light that needs replacing? No problem. No height is too tall, as long as the structure is safe to climb! Even if your flagpole is on the roof or the side of a building, our gear is small and compact enough to carry upstairs (or in elevators) and onto the rooftop to repair your pole. Our climbers are also certified by COMTRAIN (the industry standard) in tower climbing, safety, and rescue.


Flagpoles need to be serviced in order for them to operate as desired for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, people tend to forget that they do need some kind of maintenance every 4-5 years. If you have any questions, look over the information on our website, and please feel free to call and ask any questions you may have. There are some variables like rope types you may want to learn about, what types of pole need to be painted, etc. We can talk about the problems you may be having and figure out the best solution. If all you need is a new rope then we will give you a price to replace your rope and it’s as easy as that. If your pole is short enough and can be easily accessed by a small inexpensive lift then that might be the way to go. We will advise whatever is best for you.


Have Questions? We Have Answers

Have Questions? We Have Answers